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Drinking water burns body fat

Drinking water burns body fat Drinking more water than any meal also helps a person burn fewer calories, which leads to weight loss and body mass index. Doctors believe that consuming 10 glasses of water a day can burn body fat and calories from consuming processed foods. Daily water intake helps people who are overweight

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Slimming and soy diet

Slimming and soy diet If you are looking to change your diet and diversify it while trying to lose weight, add soy to your diet. Soy is low in saturated fat and calories compared to other types of protein. It is higher. Reasons to use soy in a slimming diet One of the reasons soy

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Causes, ways to prevent and treat tooth discoloration

Causes, ways to prevent and treat tooth discoloration If your teeth have discolored for no apparent reason and other symptoms have appeared, see a dentist to diagnose the cause and recommend appropriate treatment. There are several reasons for discolored teeth, including: ♦ Food and beverages: Coffee, tea, soft drinks, some juices and vegetable juices (such as apple

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Harmful food for teeth

Harmful food for teeth Some foods can erode tooth enamel, making teeth sensitive to heat, cold, sweets and pickles. If the damage to the enamel worsens, the teeth will become full of pores over time. Chocolate and caramel are among the foods that stick to the surface of the tooth and take a long time

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Learn how to floss properly!

Learn how to floss properly! Flossing is an essential and very useful part of the oral hygiene diet on a daily basis, which in this section explains the correct method of using this important hygienic factor. dental floss Proper flossing plays an important role in oral health. Flossing is used to remove plaque on surfaces

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Summer skin problems

Summer skin problems Summer has not yet come and the weather is not too hot, but the sun is shining with all its might; So strong and determined that he seems to want to melt the earth. These days, fans, air conditioners, fans, and other cooling appliances are also gaining popularity, and many have taken

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Cases of exacerbation of dandruff eczema

Cases of exacerbation of dandruff eczema Itching and dandruff of the skin have various reasons that stress, seasonal changes and excessive contact with water can be involved in causing it. Various causes can contribute to itching or scaling of the head and face, the most common of which is dandruff eczema, which develops many scales

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Strategies to deal with itchy skin

Strategies to deal with itchy skin Itchy skin is one of the most common skin problems that can be localized and limited to one area of the body or affect different parts of the body. Many conditions and causes such as dry skin, allergies, UV exposure and sunburn, metabolic and endocrine disorders (liver, kidney, bile

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Eggs or bird eggs

egg or bird egg?

egg or bird egg? When we enter the local markets, the first thing that catches our eye are the types of local bird eggs such as eggs, goose eggs, duck eggs, turkey eggs and quail eggs, which are stacked on top of each other with special skill and even watching them stimulates everyone’s appetite. Amazingly,

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