If you are looking to change your diet and diversify it while trying to lose weight, add soy to your diet. Soy is low in saturated fat and calories compared to other types of protein. It is higher.


Reasons to use soy in a slimming diet

One of the reasons soy is included in slimming diets is that it replaces high-calorie foods, but it does not deprive the body of protein and at the same time increases the duration of satiety.

Interestingly, soy, like animal protein, is a complete protein that, according to doctors, consumes little of it daily for heart health. Soy also helps prevent bone loss and some cancers.

Although some people do not like the taste of soy, but today soy products are available in the market with a variety of flavors, and among them you can find products that match the individual taste. Remember for those people who are allergic to animal milk Consumption of soy milk is recommended and this group of people can get the protein they need this way.

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