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The effect of nutrition on enhancing sexual desire

The effect of nutrition on enhancing sexual desire When it comes to sexual health, many issues are raised, from couples’ mood and compatibility to eating foods that improve the sexual performance of men and women. What the greats of traditional medicine and food experts have said is that the effect of certain foods is to

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Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy One of the questions that arises for most couples is whether intimacy and sexual intercourse are prohibited during pregnancy. The answer is clear: Of course not. Although the fetus is formed in the uterus and continues to live, in fact, the fetus is in the pregnancy sac, which is a special sex

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Infertility treatment in men

Infertility treatment in men Today, despite significant advances in infertility treatment, infertility is still a stressful and challenging event for young couples and their families. Of course, in the past, infertility was considered a path that ended only for women, but today, with the increase in public awareness, infertile couples have found that half of

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