Flossing is an essential and very useful part of the oral hygiene diet on a daily basis, which in this section explains the correct method of using this important hygienic factor.


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Proper flossing plays an important role in oral health. Flossing is used to remove plaque on surfaces that the toothbrush cannot clean, and if flossing is not used, the intermediate surfaces of adjacent teeth will not be cleaned, and plaque build-up in these areas will result in Caries occurs between teeth and gum problems.

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The correct method of flossing

Cut a piece of dental floss 35 to 40 cm long.
Floss around the middle fingers of the hand, controlling it with the thumb and forefinger.
Hold the floss with your thumb and forefinger so that it is about 2 cm between your fingers and you are in control of the floss.
Use your thumb to use your upper teeth and your index fingers to clean your lower teeth.
Gently slide the floss around each tooth while holding the floss firmly.
Spin the floss around the teeth and gently move it under the free area of ​​the gums and move upwards and do this movement two or three times, then continue the floss back and forth and complete. In this movement, permanent flossing is highly recommended.
Do not floss with pressure between the teeth and do not place it between the gums, as this can damage the gums and cause bleeding.
Brush lightly after flossing.


Important advice for flossing 

Blood comes out of the gums early, but after a while the gums are healthy and clean, this bleeding decreases. If this does not happen, see your dentist for scaling and gingival examination.
If flossing, flossing or tearing after use, it is a sign of tooth decay or interdental plaque that you should see a dentist for examination.

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