Cancer prevention with orange juice

Cancer prevention with orange juice Reviewing research on cancer prevention and the benefits of oranges, scientists have found that oranges can be a crucial factor in cancer prevention. Orange juice contains vitamin C and other important nutrients that have been linked to a reduced risk of obesity in adults. But a research team of Brazilian

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Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of renal failure

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of renal failure “One of the most common causes of kidney failure in people is diabetes,” said a urologist. Kidney failure occurs when a person is unable to clear the blood of waste products. In this case, waste products and toxins remain in the person’s blood and cause kidney failure. Other

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flu treatment

flu treatment Colds are one of the most common diseases in children and adults, especially in this season. The symptoms of the common cold vary as more than a hundred types of viruses can cause it. Although adults may catch colds several times a year, children are at the highest risk of catching a cold.

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Alzheimer’s symptoms

Alzheimer’s symptoms It is estimated that five to 10 percent of the population over the age of 60 are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease each year. Alzheimer’s disease is a functional disease of the brain in which the volume of the brain decreases and has a negative effect on a person’s mental activity. Today, September 21,

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stomach reflex

What is heartburn or reflux?

What is heartburn or reflux? When you put a gas in a slice of pepperoni pizza, your digestive system starts working and secretes stomach acid to digest food. In many people, a defective esophageal valve causes these acids to enter the esophagus and cause a burning sensation in the chest. Below we want to show

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Symptoms of thalassemia major

Symptoms of thalassemia major Thalassemia is an inherited genetic disease caused by defects in the formation of hemoglobin protein chains. Thalassemia is divided into two types: alpha thalassemia and beta thalassemia. Beta thalassemia itself includes thalassemia major (severe thalassemia) and thalassemia minor or mild thalassemia. A person with thalassemia minor has inherited a healthy gene

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breast cancer 2

Symptoms of breast cancer and ways to prevent it

Symptoms of breast cancer and ways to prevent it Breast cancer is a malignant growth of cancer cells in the breast tissue. In cancer, cells grow uncontrollably. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women, but it is also found in men. Types of breast cancer Duct cancer: 85 to 90% of

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Infertility treatment in men

Infertility treatment in men Today, despite significant advances in infertility treatment, infertility is still a stressful and challenging event for young couples and their families. Of course, in the past, infertility was considered a path that ended only for women, but today, with the increase in public awareness, infertile couples have found that half of

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