Is therapeutic hypnosis possible?

Is therapeutic hypnosis possible? “Hypnosis” is a scientific method that puts a person in a certain state of consciousness through indoctrination, but is hypnotherapy possible? Can this method dominate the hypnotist over you? Is this method a complication? The use of hypnosis to help cure diseases is called hypnosis therapy. Hypnosis is not a supernatural,

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Stress control at work

Stress control at work Have you ever been upset at going to work and feeling overwhelmed? If you have experienced such a problem, we have suggestions for you that you can follow to overcome the stress of your workplace. According to the Addiction Prevention Information Database, severe failure, job apathy, constant bitter times, sarcasm, excuses

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Tips for coping with anxiety in young people

Tips for coping with anxiety in young people It is normal to get upset and anxious after going through violent and painful events. Even if you are not in the middle of the story, a dangerous event will affect you. Anxiety means a widespread, unpleasant, and vague feeling of panic and anxiety of unknown origin

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