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Causes, ways to prevent and treat tooth discoloration

Causes, ways to prevent and treat tooth discoloration If your teeth have discolored for no apparent reason and other symptoms have appeared, see a dentist to diagnose the cause and recommend appropriate treatment. There are several reasons for discolored teeth, including: ♦ Food and beverages: Coffee, tea, soft drinks, some juices and vegetable juices (such as apple

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Harmful food for teeth

Harmful food for teeth Some foods can erode tooth enamel, making teeth sensitive to heat, cold, sweets and pickles. If the damage to the enamel worsens, the teeth will become full of pores over time. Chocolate and caramel are among the foods that stick to the surface of the tooth and take a long time

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Learn how to floss properly!

Learn how to floss properly! Flossing is an essential and very useful part of the oral hygiene diet on a daily basis, which in this section explains the correct method of using this important hygienic factor. dental floss Proper flossing plays an important role in oral health. Flossing is used to remove plaque on surfaces

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