Summer has not yet come and the weather is not too hot, but the sun is shining with all its might; So strong and determined that he seems to want to melt the earth. These days, fans, air conditioners, fans, and other cooling appliances are also gaining popularity, and many have taken refuge in them to escape the heat.

However, some have forgotten that the skin is also affected by this sun. It is as if they forget that this dumb skin must be exposed to sunlight from morning to night and has no protection.


While dermatologists and hair experts have repeatedly stressed that we should protect our skin with sunscreen, and this issue becomes more important in the summer.

With the onset of summer, skin problems caused by exposure to sunlight become more common. Undoubtedly, in this season, sunburn and pain caused by the sun increase due to the intense intensity of sunlight, and for this reason, it is recommended to use appropriate and regular sunscreens in this hot season of the year, regularly and at intervals. Renew it when needed. Of course, there are some people who get sunburn much more easily than others when exposed to sunlight, and it is certainly necessary to use sunscreen frequently in such situations.

A group of people burn abnormally in the sun or have skin reactions. This group must use sunscreen frequently in the summer and do not ignore this issue in any way.

The best sunscreen or the highest SPF?

Who said that the higher the SPF (sun protection factor on the sunscreen box), the longer it will last? Who determines that the higher the SPF, the better the sunscreen?

Many people have this way of thinking and that is why they always prepare and use sunscreen with the highest SPF. While Dr. Ehsani says a higher SPF does not indicate a longer lasting sunscreen.


Proper and accurate use of sunscreens can prevent skin lesions, and of course, since sunscreen may be removed after a while due to sweating or washing, you must renew it at appropriate intervals.

You do not always need to use sunscreen with the highest SPF. In fact, there is no gap between SPF 30, 60 and 90 in terms of durability and only 4-5% difference between them can be seen.

These skin diseases become more common in the summer

As the weather gets warmer, it is not just the sunburn that can affect us. Many skin diseases and problems are more common this season.

With the onset of summer, the prevalence of some skin diseases is always higher than before. Some of these problems are due to the increase in the use of public swimming pools, and others are due to the increase in heat and humidity in this season.

Fungal skin diseases are more prevalent in the summer, and those who are prone to these diseases should be more careful. Therefore, due to the increase in sweating in this season, the risk of fungal infections is higher for those who have skin fungus in the trunk, back or hands and feet. As a result, it is natural for dermatologists to have a large number of clients and their number will increase due to skin problems.

On the other hand, bites are more common this season, and according to this faculty member, people who are mostly in natural environments and in contact with nature may suffer from bites. However, sometimes these bites can cause abnormal reactions and appear as simple skin lesions or even blister lesions.


Skin diseases in crowded pools

Summer is the season for swimming and swimming, and young and old like to swim a little in the pool on hot days of the year and change their mood. That’s why pools are so crowded these days. This crowd is also a good opportunity for diseases and skin problems to involve more people. For this reason, dermatologists and hair experts always emphasize that if a person has a specific skin disease, he should refrain from attending public swimming pools so that the disease is not transmitted to others.

The use of public swimming pools can be a reason to increase the incidence of skin fungus in the legs, groin and other areas of the skin such as the head. On the other hand, the prevalence of some skin diseases caused by germs also increases in this season. People with skin problems are advised to avoid public places and spaces where the disease is transmitted, and it is necessary for pool officials to follow the hygiene tips carefully.

Trouble of golden skin

When summer comes, many people like to change the color of their skin with sunlight and get a little tan. Sunbathing can cause many problems for people and may even cause severe burns and blisters. Slowly

Sunbathing can even lead to hospitalization in emergencies.

Sweat burner; Asymptomatic but annoying

Sweating is the same as obstruction of the sweat glands and occurs in areas where these glands are more present. Also, those who are in hot environments or children who wear a lot of clothes, usually have this problem.

Such lesions are usually asymptomatic and may be slightly itchy. To improve it, you can use a cold compress or a towel soaked in lukewarm to cold water.

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