glass of water

Drinking water burns body fat

Drinking water burns body fat Drinking more water than any meal also helps a person burn fewer calories, which leads to weight loss and body mass index. Doctors believe that consuming 10 glasses of water a day can burn body fat and calories from consuming processed foods. Daily water intake helps people who are overweight

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Slimming and soy diet

Slimming and soy diet If you are looking to change your diet and diversify it while trying to lose weight, add soy to your diet. Soy is low in saturated fat and calories compared to other types of protein. It is higher. Reasons to use soy in a slimming diet One of the reasons soy

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Eggs or bird eggs

egg or bird egg?

egg or bird egg? When we enter the local markets, the first thing that catches our eye are the types of local bird eggs such as eggs, goose eggs, duck eggs, turkey eggs and quail eggs, which are stacked on top of each other with special skill and even watching them stimulates everyone’s appetite. Amazingly,

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