Itching and dandruff of the skin have various reasons that stress, seasonal changes and excessive contact with water can be involved in causing it.

Various causes can contribute to itching or scaling of the head and face, the most common of which is dandruff eczema, which develops many scales on the ears and scalp that are accompanied by itchy skin.


This type of complication is usually relieved with anti-dandruff shampoos, but it returns after a while and is usually exacerbated by stress and the change of seasons, such as autumn and spring.

Another type of dandruff and itching is due to dry skin and is more common in people who come in contact with a lot of water or go to the pool and bathe a lot.

The use of strong detergents and anti-dandruff shampoos is not only ineffective in this type of dryness, but also exacerbates this complication.

To treat this type of itching, the type of detergent used should be replaced with dandruff, and people should use lukewarm water for washing.

Hypothyroidism, diabetes, and seasonal allergies may cause the skin to become more itchy by eating certain foods such as seafood, canned food, spices, melons, or strawberries.

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