Grilled corn salad

How to prepare grilled corn salad

How to prepare green bean pickle An interesting and easy salad for hot summer days!Enjoy this grilled food and chew it carefully. This food can be stored in a container with a lid in the refrigerator for several days with this recipe. Suitable for 6 people 103 calories Previous Next ingredients Fresh corn, peeled 6

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How to make fat burning cabbage soup

How to make fat burning cabbage soup This pickle is very crunchy with its wonderful flavor. Red pepper gives a good taste to this pickle. This recipe is much better than the recipes that cook beans first. Suitable for 15 people 90 calories ingredients 5 pieces of chopped carrots Canned tomatoes 2 cans (400 g)

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Cucumber and tomato salad (kachumbar)

Cucumber and tomato salad (kachumbar) This salad is Indian style. Fresh vegetables and lemons, in addition to their special flavor, can reduce the fat content of the main food you eat. Suitable for 4 people 20 calories Previous Next ingredients Cherry tomatoes 1 cup Chopped onion half a cup Fresh lemon juice 1 table spoon

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