In parts of Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon and France, there is a special diet called the Mediterranean diet, the key to which is the consumption of fish, olive oil and cereals. This diet is one of the healthiest in the world. Every day has something new to say.

For years, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet have become apparent to everyone.

mediterranean diet

The effect of the Mediterranean diet on reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, various cancers, preventing dementia, improving rheumatoid arthritis, and… may seem quite normal to people these days; But so far the scope of research on this particular diet has not been as wide as it should be.

Recently, a large-scale study was conducted in Spain that was able to respond well to this lack of information. The Predimed research team, which is responsible for conducting this research in Spain, has succeeded with long-term studies and a large statistical community across the country to practically prove the claim that the Mediterranean diet can increase the risk of heart attack and seizures. Reduce it by up to 30%.

The study, based on 10-year data from 7,500 people in seven Spanish provinces, is the largest of its kind in the country.

The research team started its work 10 years ago with the presence of 16 separate groups including academic researchers, clinical specialists, emergency physicians, nutritionists and infectious disease specialists, and announced the results in February last year. The study found that consuming 10 grams of pure olive oil or refined olive oil, 125 grams of nuts, 125 grams of vegetables, 125 grams of fish, 150 grams of meat or its derivatives, 50 grams of sweets, 200 grams of lactose, 60 grams of wheat or barley bread 60 grams of potatoes or other grains, 40 grams of legumes and 125 grams of fruit a day can protect the body against a heart attack for five years.

This study emphasizes the consumption of two nutrients more than others: olive oil and walnut. Many doctors believe that eating one or two foods can have little effect on a person’s health, but the results of research by these Spanish researchers show that people between the ages of 60 and 80 are at risk of having a heart attack for at least five consecutive years. These two substances are used daily, much less than other people.

One of the most prominent features of the Mediterranean diet, which is also emphasized in this research, is the reduction of saturated fat consumption. Fat is essential for the body and unfortunately some people think that they can lose weight fast with lean diets while consuming a certain amount of fat is absolutely essential for brain health. In the Mediterranean diet, most of the necessary body fat is supplied from olive oil and oilseeds, including walnuts, and according to this research, even consuming 10 grams of these two nutrients daily can ensure heart health.

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