chia has long been a traditional beverage among the people of the Middle East, which in addition to quenching thirst is very effective in keeping blood pressure balanced and losing weight. This herbal medicine used in traditional medicine can be used for weight loss.

chia seed is actually the seeds of the basil plant, which is used as a solution in water (syrup) due to its glazed compounds. The glaze of these seeds becomes a jelly after absorbing water, which can be used to quench thirst. chia has many properties and is not recommended only for the hot season.


Using chia in aqueous solution is one of the best ingredients for weight loss.

The gelatinous seeds of the chia keep the person full for a long time without calories, and instead of taking harmful drugs to reduce the appetite, the chia can be used.

Another problem that has plagued the world is high blood pressure, which usually raises blood pressure after eating, especially high-starch foods. Gradually you will have balanced energy throughout the day.

Those who suffer from gastritis or other digestive disorders should eat chia

chia is high in protein, iron, potassium and calcium, and those who have difficulty absorbing calcium know that a mineral called boron in chia transports calcium to the bones.

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