The World Health Organization says 50 to 80 percent of the drugs on the Internet are counterfeit.

The price of drugs on the Internet is much cheaper, but most of the drugs sold are counterfeit, and this comes at the cost of endangering human health, which is why Interpol has launched a large-scale operation to combat the supply of counterfeit drugs on the Internet.

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From the point of view of some consumers; Going to the pharmacy is a thing of the past.

“Some customers prefer to buy their medicines online because they do not dare to talk to their doctor about their problems. However, they have no guarantee for the quality of the product bought online,” said a French pharmacist.

Interpol is working with more than 100 countries to combat this illegal cyber trade; In recent days, the organization has launched a major operation.

“This year’s Interpol operation has led to the closure of more than 10,000 drug dealing sites,” said Ellen Planson, head of Interpol’s anti-drug unit. Also, 10 million counterfeit drugs have been seized.

Most counterfeit drug customers on the Internet are unaware of the dangers of these drugs because no one knows the true ingredients of these drugs.

A doctor working with Interpol said that a review of the seized drugs showed that they contained very little of the original ingredients or were made entirely of unrealistic and counterfeit materials.

According to Interpol, more than 10% of the drugs on the world market are counterfeit; This type of sales has generated 58 billion euros in annual revenue in favor of sellers.

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The trade in these counterfeit drugs is even more profitable than the drug trade.

Every 1,000 euros invested in the heroin trade is 20 times the profit of the trafficker, while every 1,000 euros invested in the counterfeit drug is 400 times the profit for the criminal.

The World Health Organization says that in most industrialized countries where there is more control in these cases, the supply of counterfeit drugs is lower and less than one percent of the drugs on the counterfeit market.

In Latin America, Asia and Africa, 20 to 30 percent of the drugs on the market are counterfeit.

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