Researchers have discovered a substance in the leaves of the yew tree to treat MS.

One of the functions that biodiversity has in the world and human beings are gradually realizing the medical and economic benefits of plant and animal species.

yew tree

For example, a few years ago, some researchers at Ecocamp in the forests of Ecuador found that the natives of these forests use a substance obtained from the skin of a kind of “endemic frog” of this region to relieve pain. These researchers found in the skin This frog has a substance that has 20 times more sedative effects than morphine.

After this discovery, the price of land in that area increased from $ 15,000 per hectare to over $ 1 million just for that reason.

Yew, one of the most valuable species in the world, has been a nuisance for many ranchers and natives for many years, but researchers have recently discovered that the leaves of this species contain a substance called taxol, which is used to treat the disease. Nerve drugs such as MS are used as pain relievers.

However, without the slightest attention to the values ​​of this species, the authorities, for their own personal benefit, allow a number of influential people to easily build a road in the forest, which is home to plants and animals.

Not only are the various economic, scientific, and plant-animal benefits unknown in most countries, while the ecological value of many of them is still hidden from the public and officials.

In fact, keeping part of the region safe as a protected habitat for plant and animal species is a potential advantage not only from an environmental but also from an economic point of view, given that most countries have very good biodiversity. At present, any country in the world that has richer biodiversity has higher development indicators and will be in a better position in terms of per capita income and cultural and scientific indicators, so officials should pay more attention to their country’s biodiversity. To believe.

Prior to the Nagoya Convention in Japan, 10% of the planet was supposed to be considered an environmentally protected area, but after this convention, 17% of the planet was to be considered as an environmental protected area.

Therefore, it seems that the time has come for the environment and biodiversity in the world to no longer be considered just a matter of luxury and fantasy, and to pay attention to other aspects of it.

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