All of us, whether we like it or not, experience the temptation to go to the medicine box and choose a strong painkiller to get rid of the pain. In other words, eating colorful pills with different names has become a habit for us. While most of us still do not know what to go for when the pain starts

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There are several types of painkillers, including narcotics and non-narcotics. Drugs include steroids and non-steroids. Each of these substances has advantages and disadvantages.
In addition to being painkillers, drugs also affect the nervous system and, if used for a long time, make a person dependent on himself; This means that the patient goes to these painkillers as soon as he feels the slightest pain.
Even when there is no pain, he still takes these drugs.

Non-steroidal analgesics also include analgesics that directly affect the gastrointestinal tract and lead to gastric bleeding.

What pain for what pain?

“People who want to take painkillers need to know why they are taking these drugs. “Doctors should also pay attention to this.”

We need to know that if we have a headache or heartburn caused by a cold, we can use a simple acetaminophen pill; But most people use acetaminophen codeine in these cases. While this pill is addictive. For this reason, we do not recommend that you choose the medicine yourself.

Consumption of housing on an empty stomach is prohibited!

For example, if someone has a foot injury and bone pain, they can use a simple painkiller; But if you have a broken bone, you should use stronger painkillers in the form of pills or suppositories; Of course, these painkillers must be prescribed by a doctor.

Do not forget that all painkillers should be taken with a relatively full stomach, otherwise the gastrointestinal nervous system becomes sensitive and this leads to gastritis and gastric ulcer.

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Do not eat together

Concomitant use of analgesics with other drugs leads to drug interactions. Therefore, it is better to talk to your doctor about all the diseases and medications previously prescribed, and when buying painkillers from a pharmacy, this issue should be discussed with your pharmacist.

Do not eat too much

Multiplying the amount of painkillers prescribed by your doctor is another big mistake that some people make. By doing this wrong, not only will the speed of recovery not increase, but the disease process will also slow down.

Doctors believe that taking a few painkillers for greater effect multiplies the side effects of the drugs and makes the patient worse. Sometimes the effectiveness of housing is significantly reduced. The patient’s work may even lead to an emergency.

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Do not eat varied

Several different types of painkillers should not be taken in a row, as it can make the disease worse. If the prescribed painkiller really can not relieve physical pain, you should see a doctor. Undoubtedly, reading the leaflet inside the box of painkillers about proper use will help. You can even ask the pharmacist of the pharmacy about the amount of consumption and side effects. The very important point is that you should not use other people’s prescription in any way. Seeing some of the common symptoms of the disease between a person and a family member or friend may encourage one to do so, but each person’s body has specific conditions and may be allergic to painkillers prescribed by others.

Do not eat the old ones either

Expired painkiler should not be used; Storing a lot of pills at home has become a bad habit of people. Being in hot and humid environments makes them unusable. You can start giving up this bad habit by throwing away expired pills; Because when it hurts, you may forget to look at the expiration date of the pills.

Another mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. The grooves in the middle part of some tablets are designed for this purpose, but a group of pills and painkillers are without this groove, and after breaking the tablets without grooves, part of their coating is destroyed. In this way, the taste of the pill in your mouth changes and its function in the body is impaired.

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Self prescription

Unfortunately, in some countries housing is consumed more than in other countries; This means that the amount and amount of consumption is not standard at all, and this is due to the unnecessary prescription of painkiller by individuals themselves.

Those who go to the pharmacy and treat themselves by buying painkillers should know that with painkillers and pain relief, the disease not only does not improve, but progresses on its own; Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid taking painkillers that are not prescribed by your doctor; Because in many cases it even leads to death.

The painkillers you take cause blood clots to break down and even cause bleeding in the brain and inside the abdomen, as they negatively affect the body’s platelets and prevent their activity.

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