Having a flat stomach without accumulated fat may be an unattainable dream for many people, but the fact is that dehydrating accumulated belly fat with a regular, moderate and regular diet and 30 minutes to an hour of continuous walking a day will be possible.

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It should not be forgotten that fat stored in the abdomen is one of the most resistant and alarming types of fats in terms of vascular and cardiovascular problems and metabolic diseases in a person who also increases the size of his abdomen every year. Even studies have shown An increase in waist circumference of more than 102 cm in men and more than 89 cm in women leads to an increased risk of diabetes and coronary heart disease or metabolic syndrome.

In-situ contraction methods are very effective. For this purpose, the abdominal and back muscles should be contracted 10 times every morning after waking up, each time for 10 seconds and then removed from the contraction position.
This method, if done continuously every day, becomes a habit and causes the abdomen to tighten and prevent it from falling.

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One thing you should never forget about shrinking your big belly is that getting rid of the fat that has accumulated in your abdomen is first and foremost about dieting and reducing your calorie intake.

In other words, the body’s resistance to stored fat in the abdomen can only be broken by dieting and exercise.

That the only way to get rid of belly fat is a proper diet and exercise, he added: Continuous walking at a normal speed means neither too fast nor too slow and in a way that increases heart rate and sweating, for those who have problems Or not joint disease, is the best exercise to shrink the abdomen. Walking for someone who is not ready to exercise should start on a flat surface for half an hour every day, but gradually, after a month, this time can increase to one hour. You can also gradually walk on low-slope surfaces.

“Running helps burn fat faster than walking, but it is recommended for younger people, up to 45 years old,” explains the physical therapist, noting that running is more effective in losing weight and losing belly fat. .

After delivery, close your abdomen

What happens to most women after pregnancy and childbirth, apart from weight gain and accumulation of abdominal fat, is the loss of abdominal muscle consistency that leads to abdominal bulge and sagging. In other words, because the abdominal muscles are stretched and cut during cesarean section during pregnancy and childbirth, the consistency of these muscles is greatly reduced; But is there an effective way to prevent postpartum abdominal muscle enlargement and sagging?

Closing the abdomen, one week after a normal delivery or cesarean section, can help prevent the abdomen from sagging and help tighten the muscles, and it should not be mistaken to think that closing the abdomen too early will cause the sutures from the cesarean section to not heal or become infected. Prevent the abdomen from closing after delivery. Then, by doing abdominal exercises along with aerobic exercises, especially walking, you can strengthen the abdominal muscles and restore it in a desirable way.

However, experts emphasize that although doing special exercises for the abdomen strengthens its muscles, but without diet and aerobic exercise alone, you can not see the desired effect on abdominal fat. Accordingly, breastfeeding diets can be used after delivery under the supervision of a nutritionist.

Lose weight first, then exercise

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, in order to get rid of belly and flank fat, you need to do relevant and local exercises to these areas. To get rid of belly and side fat, you need to do aerobic exercise, especially regular walking. used. Of course, sports such as running, brisk walking, stationary cycling and even the use of treadmills can be very effective in eliminating belly and flank fat, depending on physical condition, age and physical health, and especially not having joint problems.

But is it also recommended for people who are overweight or suffer from cardiovascular disease?


People who are overweight should lose weight using a balanced diet before exercising. They should also start with light aerobic exercise, such as light walking, and avoid resistance exercises that greatly increase the heart rate. This is also true of heart patients. Also, heart patients should not exercise in the heat, but should postpone walking or exercise until early in the morning. It is also not recommended to do long movements and sitting for those who have back problems or weak back muscles.

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