Reviewing research on cancer prevention and the benefits of oranges, scientists have found that oranges can be a crucial factor in cancer prevention.

Orange juice contains vitamin C and other important nutrients that have been linked to a reduced risk of obesity in adults. But a research team of Brazilian experts has attributed the popular drink to cancer prevention.


Researchers in an article to be published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer at Routledge University examined the evidence linking orange juice to cancer prevention.

This article, titled “Orange Juice for Cancer Chemoprophylaxis,” examines popular methods of fighting cancer and uses medical information for its evidence.

Although orange juice can be toxic if consumed in large quantities, it has potentially positive effects on cancer, and one of the reasons is that this fruit is rich in antioxidants.

Evidence from previous research shows that orange juice reduces the risk of leukemia in children and is a good prevention of breast, clone and liver cancers.

Researchers have explained that orange juice can play an important role in preventing cancer at any stage of cancer.

The biological effects of orange juice in the laboratory are effectively influenced by the composition of this drink.

The composition of orange juice is related to the physiological conditions of oranges, species, time and method of storage.

Adding sugar significantly reduces the antioxidant effect of orange juice. Heat and storage at temperatures above 20 degrees or both can reduce its antioxidant activity.

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