When it comes to sexual health, many issues are raised, from couples’ mood and compatibility to eating foods that improve the sexual performance of men and women. What the greats of traditional medicine and food experts have said is that the effect of certain foods is to reduce sexual inhibitors and increase sexual desire.

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Others increase blood flow to the reproductive system, and some help to secrete happy hormones and can keep a person refreshed and in a good mood.

Of course, according to the sages, the response to food varies from person to person, and the reason for these differences is the nature or temperament of different people. Another point is that sexually arousing foods are not the same everywhere in the world, and in every geographical area, people know certain types of foods that they think have such properties.

Husbands and wives should have the same temperament

Humans have two temperaments, hot and cold, with a mixture of melancholy, bile, phlegm and demoiselle, which traditional medicine uses to study temperament and solve couples’ sexual problems.

Examination of temperaments has shown that hot-tempered people are active and lively people and cold-tempered people are slow and low in energy. As a result, in order to create love and intimacy between couples and their physical and sexual compatibility, husband and wife must have the same temperament. That is, a hot-tempered person marries a hot-tempered person and a cold-tempered person marries a cold-tempered person, because otherwise the couple can hardly understand and tolerate each other’s emotional and sexual desires.

In fact, a person who is hot and energetic in sexual actions and reactions or even mood and emotions is bolder and faster than a cold and passive sexual person, and this is the same factor that causes marital dissatisfaction, and it is good to know this issue in The understanding and empathy of the two friends is also true.

Sexual coldness

Among the sexual problems, what is most common in our society is the weakness, inability and coldness of sexual desire. It is weak in this regard, it should use foods that produce this desire. Of course, know that with a warm nature food, a cold-tempered person can never be hot-tempered, and if he can be changed, it will be very little.

In traditional medicine, it is said that to strengthen sexual desire, all organs, including the heart, liver, stomach, kidneys, brain and reproductive system, should be strengthened by consuming nutrients.

Hot and cold foods

Most libido-stimulating foods are warm-tempered, and most libido-suppressing foods are cold-tempered. According to a study, foods that inhibit libido can reduce sexual desire by up to 40%.

Many foods such as mutton, camel, turkey, duck, sweets, raisins, dates, honey, flour, figs, grapes, bananas, persimmons, melons, walnuts, salt, oil, cardamom, eggs, wheat bread, Spicy spices and processed foods such as sausages are hot, but cold foods include beef, beef, chicken, fish, rice, yogurt, cucumber, watermelon, barley, mung bean, beans, corn, barberry, etc. Dairy, pumpkin, rhubarb, mushrooms, tambourine, green tomatoes, almonds, cherries, lettuce, plums, pomegranates, vinegar, citrus fruits and ice water are mentioned.

Foods effective in mental preparation

One of the stages of mental preparation for a successful sex is high self-confidence and cheerful spirit that can cope with daily stress and tension. As a result, eating foods such as fish, milk, honey, turkey, walnuts, bananas, eggs, lean beef, and spicy foods can help with mental secretions and increase serotonin (happy hormone). Decrease and increase the power of sexual focus and imagination by increasing the pumping of the heart and blood flow to the brain.


Sexual enhancers

For the next step, when enough blood must reach the reproductive system and sex hormones must be secreted and the person must be energized, these foods must be used; Seafood that contains zinc, selenium and iodine, dark chocolate that stimulates the brain system, ginger that increases blood flow to the male and female genitals. Green olives for men and black olives for women and apples that stimulate and increase sexual potency.

It is also recommended to consume a glass of natural pomegranate juice daily to prevent erectile dysfunction in men. Shrimp, leafy vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes and olive oil increase sperm production by providing the necessary ingredients.

Spinach, which is rich in magnesium, dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow to the genitals. Lemon, which helps produce and move sperm cells. Blueberries, which have a short-term effect on blood flow by removing deposited cholesterol in the arteries, have been referred to by some nutritionists as natural Viagra.

Barley soup, honey, avocado, figs, almonds, asparagus and liver, which help produce the male hormone testosterone due to its vitamin B6 content. Also know that according to Chinese scholars, boiling and eating asparagus for three consecutive days strengthens the male and female reproductive system and is used for some sexually transmitted diseases and kidneys. Basil and lavender are also one of the substances whose smell stimulates sexual power in women. Of course, keep in mind that the effect of these foods on a person’s sexual power is different.

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