Do not take your mobile phone or tablet to bed with you

Recent research suggests that having a smartphone and tablet in the bedroom is the most important cause of sleep disorders.


The tablet and smartphone have a light emitting diode that turns on the screen of this device. The tablet

When the light of a diode is lit in a dark room, this light interferes with the hormone melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone that controls the natural sleep cycle, which leads to sleep disorders.

This is especially true for people who often check their cell phones while sleeping, or go to the Internet with a tablet or play games before going to bed.

Because people’s performance during the day is directly related to full sleep, as well as sleep disorders and sleep deprivation leading to reduced mental ability and memory, researchers advise people to fully own their smartphone and tablet while sleeping. To turn off.

Sleep disorders are one of the most important causes of weakened immune system

Medical site and health magazine im healthiest

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