A new study shows that men with Restless Legs Syndrome are at higher risk for premature death.

Restless legs syndrome, characterized by a strong tendency to move the legs, causes a burning and stretching sensation in the legs, and its symptoms usually worsen at night.


The study, conducted by a team of physicians at Harvard Medical School, tested 18,425 men with an average age of 67, none of whom had chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure or arthritis.

Another group of 690 people suffering from these diseases were also studied. Having these chronic diseases in the second group caused the symptoms of restless legs syndrome to appear worse in them.

The study found that men with restless legs syndrome were nearly 40 percent more likely to die prematurely than healthy men.
On the other hand, when these experts removed factors such as chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure from their experiments, they found that when men do not have such chronic diseases, the probability of premature death in groups with restless legs syndrome is 92%. More than men who do not have this syndrome.

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