Benefits of breast milk for children’s brain development

Benefits of breast milk for children's brain development

New research has shown that breastfeeding plays an important role in the development of infants’ brains.
Researchers at Brown University have found that breastfeeding plays an important role in brain development in infants.


The team of researchers examined brain development in a sample of a group of infants by imaging magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) while they were asleep.

The researchers evaluated 133 infants aged 10 months to 4 years in families with similar socioeconomic status and normal maternal pregnancy.

“We wanted to see how these early changes in brain development actually happen,” said Sean Deoni, an assistant professor of engineering at Brown University in the United States.

The study showed that infants who were breastfed had more progress in major parts of the brain than infants who were breastfed or formula-fed.

The researchers also found that infants who were breastfed (more than one year) experienced a significant increase in growth in areas of the brain compared to those who were breastfed for less than a year.

According to previous behavioral research, breastfeeding has been associated with better cognitive outcomes in older adolescents and adults.

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